Elizabeth A. Governanti is the owner and photographer of Altered Realms Photography. Welcome to her home away from home!

Elizabeth's happy place is behind her camera. She loses time when taking photos, especially in cemeteries. She LOVES CEMETERY PHOTOGRAPHY and the older the cemetery the better! The history and old, faded, crumbling, crooked gravestones never cease to amaze her!

Photography is actually in her blood:

  • Her grandfather was a movie maker and a photographer in New York, USA;
  • Her dad was a hobbyist photographer; and
  • Her brother went to school for Photo Journalism.

So, it’s really no wonder that she was drawn to cameras and taking photos!

Since receiving her first camera at the age of ten, she's immensely enjoyed photography and taking photos!

As mentioned, Elizabeth gears her photography towards:

  • Unique Perspectives Photography which encompasses everything intriguing and unusual from around the world. This includes architecture, nature and even benign objects.

Through her Altered Perspective, each photo becomes more interesting.

  • Historical Perspectives Photography which encompasses historical and antique items; as well as homes, barns and buildings of any age or condition.

Elizabeth can skillfully photo-document your memories before they're gone.

  • Cemetery Perspectives Photography which encompasses headstones, angels and wings; churches and cathedrals; gates, doors and hardware; wrought iron and stained glass; as well as crypts and carvings.

Elizabeth can respectfully photograph your loved ones final resting place in a unique and meaningful way.